Skyrus Artificial Intelligent Video Recognition Application (Skyrus AIVR™)

Skyrus AIVR™

The amount of video contents that are collected from multiple sources for law enforcement or investigative nature have multiplied and this has caused difficulties in unearthing for the correct video data. More time and labour are needed to obtain relevant video data and this has led to prolonged time wastage and manpower loss. Skyrus A.I.-powered video recognition solves this challenge by transforming these video inputs efficiently and exposing the most admissible dossier in a clear to use platform. Skyrus Artificial Intelligence Video Recognition (AIVR) is a partner to video search and investigation. The amount of accessible video contents have far exceeded what a human being could process during his worktime. These video contents from CCTV, social media, smartphones have intensified and have pose a major problem to users accessing relevant video data for analyze.

AIVR Analytics

Skyrus AIVR solutions offers an innovative method to capture relevant video contents in an easy to use platform. We use a set of machine-learning software or algorithms to filter out patterns in video streams and to categorize them into a set of usable video imagery. These imagery are then analyzed and presented to an environment needs and requirements. This ease of use enhances an operator productivity level in obtaining the most relevant video data in the shortest of time possible. The operator could then use these data to solve the most pressing problem on hand.

Skyrus AIVR is deployed in wide traffic environments (human traffic or vehicular traffic), shopping malls, border controls, commercial buildings, banks and other government agencies. Skyrus AIVR operates on an open and scaleable platform and is network-optimal for external access and data analysis works.






Quick process of video data

Proven machine-learning algorithm

Data are captured from many sources

Advanced data processing platform


Solve cases quickly

Identify culprits and situations with greater certainty

Gather intelligence resources from these volume data

Manpower are used efficiently