About Skyrus Network

Skyrus Network is an advanced artificial intelligence development and integration company based in Singapore. Its current stable of products include the Skyrus Artificial Intelligent 3D Facial Recognition Application (Skyrus AIFR™), Skyrus Artificial Intelligent Video Recognition Application (Skyrus AIVR™)

Our Objectives

Skyrus’s platform powers mission critical applications for large enterprises and systems integrators in deploying artificial intelligent applications to facial recognition, video recognition and object recognition that are critical in any demanding situations, with exceptional levels of security and actual-time performance.

Access Control

Replace obsolete access control. Implement nimble and guarded methods for building security, venue entry, and restricted access

Video Analytics

Empower video management and analytics software to establish people of interest, gather demographic data, analyze and report

World Class Efficiency and Accuracy

Skyrus’s algorithms transcend across an array of demanding environments, including coordinated and non-coordinated faces

Skyrus Artificial Intelligent 3D Facial Recognition Application (Skyrus AIFR™)




Utilize real-time 3D imaging A.I. technology

Fully-integratable to many scenario applications

Quick Identification to under 1 second

Skyrus Artificial Intelligent Video Recognition Application (Skyrus AIVR™)

The amount of video contents that are collected from multiple sources for law enforcement or investigative nature have multiplied and this has caused difficulties in unearthing for the correct video data. More time and labour are needed to obtain relevant video data and this has led to prolonged time wastage and manpower loss. Skyrus A.I.-powered video recognition solves this challenge by transforming these video inputs efficiently and exposing the most admissible dossier in a clear to use platform. Skyrus Artificial Intelligence Video Recognition (AIVR) is a partner to video search and investigation. The amount of accessible video contents have far exceeded what a human being could process during his worktime. These video contents from CCTV, social media, smartphones have intensified and have pose a major problem to users accessing relevant video data for analyze.

Skyrus Artificial Intelligent Baggage Scanning Application (Skyrus AIBS™)

The Transportation Security Agency plans to incorporate machine learning into the computer tomography scanners that are starting to be used at airport security checkpoints. TSA methods in this aspect is adopted by airport security regulators around the world.

To advance the Accessible Property Screening Systems program, TSA is looking for researchers and industry partners to develop algorithms that could improve the automated detection of explosives and prohibited items among carry-on baggage and speed passengers through the checkpoints. Although it has been used to screen checked luggage for explosives since 2001, CT scanning is a relatively new tool for examining carry-on baggage where it would have to identify prohibited items like knives and disassembled weapons.

World Class Efficiency
and Accuracy

Skyrus’s algorithms transcend across an array of demanding environments, including coordinated and non-coordinated faces, light and angle uncertainty, dim-lit and pixilation and distinction across phenotype, age, and gender.

Why Skyrus Network

The advance of today’s technology provides us with variety of options to build security parameter. Base on the need of the business as well as other factors such as location, building layouts and construction, Skyrus Network will provide the best option in order to maximize the capability of the equipment to serve accordingly.

Face Detection 1:N

Identify the existence and location of faces within a photo or set of photos. Gaze detection within a face or set of faces

Face Verification 1:1

1:1 face comparision. Used in digital and physical authorization scenarios

Face Identification

1 to many face search. Used for identifying “faces in a crowd” and clustering across thousands of hours of video

Face Clustering

Used to cluster togethers groups of similar faces or faces that share certain attributes

Spoof Detection

Combat paper, screen, mask and virtual avatar based presentation attacks

Age Estimation

Using facial landmarks and occlusions, estimate the age of a face

Gender Detection

Estimate whether a face belongs to a male or female

Phenotype Detection

Determine the ethnicity or phenotype of a person based on their facial attributes